The HOD (hand on data) : is a conference organized by Gründerallianz Ruhr, in the region of Essen, Germany.

It regroups Speakers, Industries Experts, Venture Capitalists, and Startups, for a synergistic matching between innovators, investors and future customers. It’s a B2B Data Hotspot.

branper was selected to be part of the event.

Gründerallianz Ruhr, give the start-up scene a home in the most exciting industrial region: the Ruhr area.

From coal to Data

Why the Ruhr area Is the new B2B Data Hotspot

For half a century, the Ruhr region has drawn people from all over the world to the area to work in the coal & steel industry. It was the place to find hands on-work, but also to create innovation.

The coal sector was closed in 2018 thus the magnetism of the area.

What remained, is the industrial core and the immense ecosystem that has evolved during the last 50 years:

21.000 industrial companies, SMEs to world leading corporates

22 universities with high potential employees

Germany´s largest metropolitan region with > 5 Mio people

Instead of coal, we now have a new material to work with: DATA!

A unique industrial data, that has been collected over decades and has not been used to its full potential.

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